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Here at Local480, we love finding one of a kind menu items, and when it comes to desserts that will rock your world – this local spot will satisfy every sweet tooth you have.


AZ Chimney Cakes!

You’ll lose your mind when you try one of these ultra unique treats.

We’re Local480. We love to eat and find new restaurants across Arizona.

So, if you love seeing local and delicious food you’ve never seen before, this is the show for you!

In this episode of “Get The Fork Out,” we found ourselves in Mesa for a tutorial about, and plenty of tastes of this popular Bavarian style dessert.


You’ve never seen anything like these Chimney Cakes. They’re the perfect mix of sweet and savory with a crispy outside and soft inside. You’ll just want to keep taking bites, one after another.

We’re talkin’ about a dough that’s so fresh and light, it’s like a big hug from your grandma. And toppings that are just as delicious as they sound: Nutella, oreo cream, Biscoff cookie butter – the works!

Watch out! These chimney cakes will become your new favorite sweet treat.

So, watch this video and ‘Get The Fork Out’ with these amazing AZ Chimney Cakes!

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