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The Bao Bun Trio That Will Make You Believe in Magic

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Looking for a little bit of magic in your life? This downtown Phoenix eatery has a spell or two up its sleeve.

Join the Local 480 team as we explore Superstition Downtown, a restaurant that’s conjuring up some serious culinary sorcery. On the menu? Their Bao Bun Trio, which will leave you wondering how they managed to fit so much flavor into one dish.

With a mix of three different buns – a pork belly bao, shrimp Piri Piri bao, and crispy vegetable bao – this dish is sure to cast a spell on your taste buds.

If you’re not in the mood for bao, don’t worry – there’s plenty of other deliciousness on the menu. “Get the Fork Out” and head on over to Superstition Downtown today & see for yourself!

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