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Here at Local480, we love finding one of a kind menu items, and when it comes to authentic small bites and cocktails, this speakeasy will take you back in time to another world.


The White Rabbit Bar!

You’ll enjoy sipping on these prohibition style cocktails while sinking your teeth into some tasty bruschetta and tapas style bites.

We’re Local480. We love to eat and find new restaurants across Arizona. So, if you love seeing unique and delicious local food you’ve never seen before, this is the show for you!

In this episode of “Get The Fork Out,” we head out in search for Gilbert’s first and original speakeasy.


Legend has it, Dr O’Hare began his practice in Gilbert in 1910. When prohibition became law in 1920, he saw opportunity. As a doctor, he began to prescribe “alcoholic concoctions” to his “patients” and opened his Apothecary (pharmacy) in 1920.

He decided to expand his operation and opened the first speakeasy bar as part of his apothecary. In order to gain access, patrons were given a secret password and told how to access the speakeasy through a hidden door.

While some things change, some things stay the same – and that’s a bonus for us. Watch this video and ‘Get The Fork Out’ with some prohibition-style cocktails and tasty bruschetta boards!

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