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Epic DIPPED ICE CREAM CONES to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

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We’re Local480, and this is some of the best soft serve ice cream we’ve come across.

Where? This time our search took us to an authentic french dessert shop located in the East Valley…

Creme & Chocolats!

They start with a cone full of their delicious vanilla soft serve , or another flavor if that’s what you’re into (like chocolate!)- but they’re not done yet!
What’s the most epic way to enjoy your ice cream cone?

It’s your favorite childhood treat taken to another level with their signature twists like…

S’mores, and Cotton Candy.

It has just the right amount of everything to make it perfect for any type of person.

Watch this video and ‘Get The Fork Out’ with these signature Creme and Chocolats dipped cones!

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